Janet Walter-KerrJanet Walter-Kerr has been a teacher for 45 years. As a daughter of a teacher such an environment has been part and parcel of most of her life. Janet trained as a primary teacher and then found herself in an Area School which required her to quickly adapt her skills to teaching secondary students in a variety of subject areas. This era of her professional life enabled Janet to broaden her knowledge of subject areas as well as discover what it was like to learn content from a total beginner's point of view. She says this laid a sound foundation for her not only as a more successful classroom teacher but also for later in her role as a teacher of students who do not have English as their first language.

After teaching in primary, area and high schools in New Zealand Janet moved to Tokyo to teach at Nishimachi International School which opened up a very wide pathway of experience for her. Teaching students from all over the world in a dual language school was exciting, fulfilling and provided daily professional development in understanding how students learn, and adapting to their various needs. It was during this time that she gained her Masters in Applied Linguistics and another in Education (Guidance and Counselling). After the events of 9/11 and a year in Chiang Mai, Thailand Janet made the decision to return to New Zealand and to be with her daughter and son and to resume teaching.

In addition to her Masters in Education, Janet undertook further study to gain a Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and a variety of additional therapeutic qualifications. She runs her own private practice after hours and has employed these skills as Dean of both International and Domestic students.

Janet has taught in both American and British systems and has taught ESOL and Psychology for Cambridge, English Language B for International Baccalaureate and NCEA Level 2 English.

In addition, Janet has successfully run many Professional Development sessions for school staff in pastoral care and second language teaching and learning and her advice continues to be sought from past staff and students. It is because of such broad experience that Janet can counsel and consult on a variety of educational matters.